Over Christmas, I wrote two gifts for two exchanges: one for Yuletide, and one for the Baldur's Gate Gift Exchange. Both stories were for the Baldur's Gate fandom.

Summary: The Bhaalspawn must survive with an unlikely companion when he's trapped in a cave.
Characters: Charname, Sarevok

I was the person who encouraged my recipient to sign up to Yuletide, so it made me very happy that they didn't guess my identity until after reveals!

Summary: Sylfana is going to kill Gromnir Il-Khan with her bare hands. Before that, she'll take a moment of luxury with her lover Edwin. Edwin romance, explicit.
Characters: Charname, Edwin

When PuggiePuggie said they didn't mind nsfw, I was happy to stretch my writing muscles and try writing some smut! I feel like I’ve become more repressed as I’ve grown older, so it was good to write an explicit story.
Bhaalspawn Rebellion, a Baldur's Gate fanfic. (Archiveofourown version.) 94K words, complete.

This story was soft science fiction - hot butter on the Mohs scale - with swords, spaceships, and a fun universe that I don’t own to play around in. I enjoyed writing it.

Summary: Baldur’s Gate, IN SPACE. Lionstone XIV, the Empress, rules as a tyrant from the Iron Throne. The warrior Ourawang, daughter of Bhaal, seeks to overthrow her, but not without help from a cyberrat, an esper, a thug, and a mad terrorist. Fusion crossover with Simon R. Green’s Deathstalker series. Don’t need to know canon.

Main characters: Bhaalspawn, Imoen, Aerie, Montaron, Xzar



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